The Princess Bride Gets Its Own Honest Trailer

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - January 11, 2017

Even The Princess Bride isn’t safe from the Screen Junkies.

Celebrating the New Year, online movie magazine Screen Junkies decided to release an Honest Trailer for one of the channel’s most requested video candidates, The Princess Bride. As always the video is chock-full of funny criticism that brands the satire film as the best “sappy medieval love story ever made.”

“Prepare for plenty of action to go around. Really, really, polite action. Where no danger is too great that you can’t carry on a polite conversation and no enemy is too vile where you can’t have a nice chat while they try to kill you.”

Though the video does seem a bit more forgiving compared to other Honest Trailers, the Screen Junkies does a great job at bringing in the laughs in this new Honest Trailer video as it pokes fun at the so-called satire of the film and its wacky story.  From hilarous music cues to its jabs at Inigo Montoya's repetitive introductions, The Princess Bride Honest Trailer is a fun watch. Check it out down below: 

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