Star Wars: Find Out How Many Different Alien Species Appeared In The Original Trilogy

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March 10, 2019  10:26 AM


There is little doubt that the Star Wars Universe is filled with thousands of different aliens. Interestingly, we have already met a great number of these aliens in the original trilogy alone. Have you ever wondered just how many different alien species were introduced in the first three movies? This video will show you just that.

Some aliens have truly stood out in the Star Wars films, like Jabba the Hutt (who is, of course, a Hutt) and Chewbacca, the scene-stealing Wookiee. So how about the ones who were in the background. Star Wars: By The Numbers, the series that helps children count on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel, has released a new video focusing on the aliens from the original trilogy. Watch the awesome video below.

It's no surprise that most of the aliens can be found in the remastered A New Hope. After all, the cantina scene alone in Mos Eisley boasted of 30 different species. Overall, the first film featured 38 aliens (including Jabba and Chewie).

There's a low number of aliens to meet in The Empire Strikes Back. You could only spot four in the film. However, the first alien you do meet happens to be Yoda, and even Lucasfilm isn't quite sure what kind of alien he is.

There are more aliens to meet in Return of the Jedi (31, to be exact), most of which show up at Jabba's lair. But perhaps the most memorable species we got to see in the film are still the furry Ewoks. 

So how many aliens are there in the original trilogy. It's a grand total of 73 different species. Hopefully, the upcoming episodes of Star Wars: By The Numbers will enumerate the ones we've met in the prequel and current trilogy as well.

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