Watch: Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 3 is All About Sword and Shield's Cutest Pokemon

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March 17, 2020  11:12 AM



Pokemon: Twilight Wings Episode 3 is out and it’s adorably called “Buddy,” as it details the insecurities of Hop’s Wooloo, who many fans have seen (and beaten) in Pokemon Sword and Shield. They’re about to feel really bad for doing that since Wooloo is all-out adorable in this six-minute video, as it tries its best to be as good as Leon’s Charizard. If you don’t like seeing cute things get sad, you might need some tissues for this one.

While the stakes aren’t as high as say, Bea leaving her phone on a Corvaknight taxi, any pet owner will be able to relate to possibly losing a pet and that might be enough to induce some tears from several people. Granted, most of the short is from the perspective of Wooloo so it could be considered more comedic than anything else but the little reunion they have near the end was still nice.



Twilight Wings is certainly hitting its stride when it comes to these self-contained Pokemon shorts and we sure wish that the actual Pokemon anime was this good. Granted, that show also has its fair share of tearjerkers, with many fans revolting over the recent episode where a trainer decided to abandon its Gengar. Thankfully, Ash was there to catch it and now the Pokemon has a proper home.

Pokemon: Twilight Wings Episode 3 is now available for viewing, as are the first two episodes. 

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