Nerdwriter: The Other Cinematic Battles That Inspired The Dragon Battle From Game Of Thrones

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - August 10, 2017

The last Game of Thrones just gave us the “Loot Train Attack” (yes, that’s what it’s officially called) and a lot of fans were absolutely floored by the sequence. It had everything we wanted to see from the show with the Dothraki being utilized in the battlefield and a freakin’ dragon roasting people alive. Nerdwriter has gone through an in-depth look at the battle, and it’s amazing where the sequence actually takes its inspiration from.

Though the movie has tons of old school battles to draw inspiration from, the showrunners took inspiration from Apocalypse Now when they had Daenerys driving in with her dragon. The shots they have of her completely mimic those shots of the pilots in the choppers, and the moment Drogon starts spewing fire looks just like bombs being dropped in a battlefield. Like the video says—it was the perfect mix of practical effects and CGI.

The Dothraki’s movements are also very similar to those of horse-riding clans, so they took inspiration from movies like Mongol to have the Dothraki shouting several battle cries and wielding similar weapons. The Dothraki are also loosely based on Native Americans, so the movie also draws inspiration from that.

Just like the Battle of the Bastards in the last season, the Loot Train Attack was a pretty solid sequence, and I can just imagine what kind of stakes will be raised when we get close to the finale of the season.


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