Watch: Yu-Gi-Oh! Player Vlogs His First Ever Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Experience

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - June 26, 2018

Screenshot: Nyhmnim/YouTube

Yu-Gi-Oh! player and vlogger Nyhmnim attended his first ever Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix at Pittsburgh last weekend and vlogged his experience. He didn't join the main event but he gives us a good look at the overall experience of a Magic Grand Prix. He learned that the event has a bunch of trading card vendors as well as side events that anyone can join. Nyhmnim even joined a Dominaria draft and beat his friend. 

Watch the video below: 

Usually, card players stay within their bubble and play only one kind of card game but it's cool seeing a Yu-Gi-Oh! player attend a premiere event of the best trading card game in the world. Hopefully, he'll convert to the cooler side and attend future Grand Prix main events. The video is a nice snapshot of what to expect from a Grand Prix but of course, there's more to that. Although he talked about the Magic artists, we didn't get a glimpse of them in the video. And usually, there are cosplayers you can meet. 

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