Watch Magic: The Gathering Pro Player Makes Huge Bluff in The Top 8 of Mythic Championship VI

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November 11, 2019  02:30 PM


Despite the oppressive Oko decks dominating the Standard meta, the Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship VI this past weekend was still a blast to watch, especially the epic finals match between Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa  (PVDDR) and Ondřej Stráský, but that's not the only moment from Day 3 of MCVI worth remembering. Before PVDDR made it to the finals, he was able to make a huge bluff that won him a Top 8 game.

Watch that epic bluff in the Twitch clip below: 


Just in case you didn't catch what happened: During the Top 8 match with Sebastian Pozzo, PVDDR has a "Gadwick, the Wizened" in hand, and on play, he has "Nissa, Who Shakes the World", "Paradise Druid", a Forest and two Islands, and on the previous turn, Nissa had animated the Island, and Nissa hasn't yet activated this turn. PVDDR attacks Pozzo's "Oko, Thief of Crowns", and Pozzo could block with his "Wicked Wolf" to trade with the animated 3/3 Island but decided not to. However, if the Island died, PVDDR would not have enough mana to cast Gadwick. After attacking Oko, PVDDR tapped the Forest for two mana (thanks to Nissa's static ability), untapped the Forest (using Nissa's +1 ability), and added three blue mana with the two Islands and "Paradise Druid" with Gadwick with X=4 to gain card advantage and have an additional 3/3 creature on board. 

If Pozzo blocked with his "Wicked Wolf", PVDDR would not have enough mana to cast Gadwick unless he used Nissa to activate on the Island, which would only let him cast Gadwick for X=2.

During the ppost-match interview with PVDDR, he admitted it was a mistake after he declared the attack but it just happened to pay off. 

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