Watch: MTG Pro Survives His Stolen Nissa's Ultimate & A Bunch of Zombies at Mythic Championship V

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October 21, 2019  07:32 PM


Before "Field of the Dead" got banned in Magic: The Gathering's Standard format earlier today, it had its chance to shine at this past weekend's Mythic Championship V, it was Javier Dominguez's Gruul Aggro deck that ultimately won the Magic Arena tournament. Nonetheless the dominant Standard archetype made it to Top 8 thanks to Jean-Emmanuel Depraz, who piloted the Bant version skillfully, and even made it to the finals against Dominguez, but it was his epic match against Italian pro player Andrea Mengucci that's worth re-watching. 

Watch that epic Mythic Championship V moment here: 

During their Top 8 double-elimination match, Depraz was playing Bant Golos, and Mengucci was piloting Bant Food. As you can see in the clip above, Game 1 ended in a thrilling way with Depraz at 1 Life and Mengucci ready at 8 Loyalty, ready to ultimate "Nissa, Who Shakes the World" but Depraz was able to top-deck an "Agent of Treachery" and control Mengucci's Nissa, activating her ultimate, bringing out all his Forest cards, and triggering "Field of the Dead" multiple times to make a bunch of Zombie tokens.

At this point, you'd think that Depraz can make a huge comeback thanks to a stronger board position and a horde of zombies but Mengucci was able to take down Depraz's defenses by exiling all his zombies with "Deputy and Detention" and using the third ability of "Oko, Thief of Crowns" to exchange control of his tapped creature and his untapped "Agent of Treachery" so he can attack his 3/3 Food token to deal the last point of damage needed to win the game. Seeing Mengucci's reaction combined with the exciting commentary by AliasV and Cedric Phillips make this game one of the most memorable moments in Mythic Championship V. 

This shows the overwhelming power of Oko in Standard, and it's likely that we might see the blue/green Throne of Eldraine Planeswalker card banned in Standard if decks that run it continue to dominate the format. 

Congratulations to Depraz for the excellent performance and earning a spot at this year's MTG World Championships this December! And of course, congrats to Javier Dominguez for winning Mythic Championship V. 

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