Watch: MTG Pro Ross Merriam Forgets To Sideboard Reclamation Sage

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
September 02, 2019  03:04 PM


Even Magic: The Gathering pros make mistakes on video coverage, and one of the top Magic players of the Star City Games touranment circuit has just one at the SCG Open Dallas last weekend. 

During game 3 of the quarterfinals match, Ross, who was running a Titanshift deck, played "Summoner's Pact" so he can get a "Reclamation Sage" to destroy his opponent's "Blood Moon" but apparently, he forgot to sideboard the green creature, as shown in the clip below: 

Luckily, Ross managed to get his 2nd "Forest" using "Primeval Titan's" ability and paid for the "Summoner's Pact" next turn. 

Another memorable moment from the same event is the incredibly quick 30-second game between Harlan Firer and Dylan Donegan. Firer was playing Whirza, an Artifact-heavy combo deck that can go off fast while Donegan was playing Burn. Dylan conceded before he ended his first turn, and it's one of the fastest games ever caught on video. 

Watch the clip: 

Now that Hogaak is banned from MTG's Modern format, the Modern metagame becomes is looking more diverse, and I hope it will continue to be that way. 

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