Watch: MTG Arena Streamer Goes Off With Throne of Eldraine's Seven Dwarves

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
September 30, 2019  02:37 PM


The "Seven Dwarves" Magic: The Gathering card from Throne of Eldraine is one of the most unique cards from the new fairy tale-themed set, and getting seven copies of "Seven Dwarves" in play is not easy to pull off but Magic Arena streamer Amy Demicco, AKA Amazonian, was able to make nine copies in one turn during her Twitch livestream while singing the Heigh Ho song from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Watch the clip below: 

The Amazonian was able to make nine copies thanks to an extremely lucky series of coin flips with "Mirror March" effect. A player can only have seven copies of the "Seven Dwarves" card but the new copies were made in play and are represented by tokens instead of actual cards so Amy was able to make a bunch of them. "Spark Double" was also able to create the last two copies to complete the army of 10/10 red creatures for the win. 

The lucky insanity of the "Seven Dwarves" and "Mirror March" synergy and Amy's Heigh-Ho singing make a silly combination, and I hope we get to see more streamers playing "Seven Dwarves" in Arena

Watch our new Magic Arena video below: 

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