Watch: Luis Scott-Vargas Trolls The Pro Tour Dominaria Draft Coverage Team

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - June 01, 2018

Image: MTG Official Twitch

Pro Tour Dominaria is happening this weekend and Day 1 of the Magic: The Gathering event started off with Dominaria booster draft, and professional player Luis Scott-Vargas was featured on video coverage. Knowing that he's live in camera, LSV took the opportunity to troll fans. 

As you can see on the Twitch clip below, LSV seems indecisive when it comes to picking which card to draft. Although Jhoira's Familiar seems to be the clear pick at first, LSV keeps putting cards he's considering of picking in front. Then he puts Navigator's Compass as if to pick it up before passing the stack, but of course, the card is worse compared to Jhoira's Familiar. Even commentator Marshal Sutcliffe even knew that LSV was trolling. "Luis, don't even do it," Sutcliffe says. "Luis, don't even...don't smile either. You're not funny." 

Watch the clip below: 

Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour events are serious, and seeing a little joke like this is a nice break from the intense competition we typically see in the coverage. 

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