Venom Star Co-Edited This Epic 5-Minute Star Wars Trailer

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
February 26, 2019  05:18 PM

Lucasfilm/YouTube - Lou's Cafe

Star Wars superfan Topher Grace, who's best-known for roles on That '70s Show, the first Venom film, and the recent Black KkKlansman, has teamed up with editor/Star Wars fan Jeff Yorkers to put together a five-minute supertrailer with footage from all 10 Star Wars films showcasing why fans love the franchise so much. 

The supertrailer is called Star Wars: Always, and you can watch it above.

The 5-minute trailer looks epic and it definitely reminds us of the franchise's most memorable moments. Hopefully, the duo will also create a supertrailer for all the Harry Potter films without including the Fantastic Beasts movies. 

What do you think about the supertrailer

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