Ultimate Video Guide to Magic: The Gathering Playmats

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - November 09, 2017

The Tolarian Community College has created a new guide to Magic: The Gathering playmats. In the video, The Professor breaks down the pros and cons of each of the four brands of playmat: Ultra Pro, Legion, Dragon Shield, and Inked. He describes in detail the material of each brand. Everyone knows about Ultra Pro playmats. Although the quality of their card sleeves are terrible, I actually like the quality of their playmats. Thanks to this video, I discovered originalmagicart.com, a website where you can find playmats featuring classic Magic: The Gathering art you won't normally find in your local shop. And if you want custom playmats, Inked is the perfect choice for you. I didn't even know Dragon Shields playmats exist until I watched this.

Watch the video: 

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