This Wonderful Sci-Fi Short Was Randomly Generated By A Computer

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - November 14, 2017

Fraktaal is a sci-fi short film featuring futuristic visuals that were randomly generated by a computer. This clip doesn't really have a story. It seems to be just a visual demo of a simulation video game loaded with strange images that the computer generated using complex mathematical fractal patterns. 

Watch Fraktaal below: 

Fraktaal from Julius Horsthuis on Vimeo.

The video was created by Julius Horsthuis, who calls himself a "lazy animator". 

"I borrowed the aesthetic from Science Fiction films, and isolated that into something that I hope will stimulate the imagination into its own spacefaring journey," Julius wrote in the video description. 

"Using fractals, I can conjure up entire worlds without having to draw or model anything," Julius explains "These shapes hide in the formulas, they exist in a mathematical reality, all I need to do is explore those worlds and make them reveal themselves. For me, that discovery has become one of the most thrilling aspects of digital filmmaking." 

The landscape looks like a world you would find in a Halo or Final Fantasy game. It looks like a whole planet made of highly-advanced computers. 

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