This Magic: The Gathering Rap Video is Gold

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
April 13, 2017  01:07 PM

If you're a Magic: The Gathering fan who feels like dissing your opponents with some crazy rhymes and sick lyrical spells, you gotta check out this rap video from YouTuber GoRemy. It's called Magic: The Rap, and even though it's released back in 2012, players today would still get the clever MTG referneces in this video. It features a couple of men (played by the same performer) playing Magic while one of them disses the other with punch lines only MTG players would get. Watch the video below: 


I think everyone's favorite line here is: "And I look at my hand, I'm like a Palestinian, I ain't got no land". You can check out the full lyrics in the description of the YouTube page


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