This Awesome Augmented Reality Retrieves Prices of Magic: The Gathering Cards

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
August 30, 2019  12:49 PM


Magic: The Gathering players have used various apps and websites to find out the prices of their Magic cards but there might soon be a way to access that information without having to look them up or using your fingers to type. 

YouTuber BigAR has released a new video showing off the cool new Augmented Reality technology that can retrieve prices of Magic cards just by looking at the cards to detect them. 

Watch it below: 

Redittor Kitajj explained the challenges of creating the AR with their card recognition system. "We recorded this video as an experiment to see what showing the card prices directly on cards could look like," Kitajj said. "Although using AR for this is incredibly convenient, there are some challenges too. The biggest one is retrieving prices for cards that have been printed across multiple editions. Our card recognition system detects cards in any language, but it is not able to detect the exact edition. So while we could show multiple prices, this gets weird when you have cards like Lightning Bolt with MANY different prices."

Kitajj, who's part of the company who also developed the MTG Manager app, said that they already have an AR working full on their iOS app for translating cards into English but for showing prices and animations, they only have a demo at the moment. However, they have plans for making it happen. 

Here's the AR that can translate cards into English: 

What do you think about this cool AR for Magic cards? 

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