New Magic: The Gathering Player Talks About What EDH (and MTG in General) Means to Her

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - May 02, 2018

Screenshot: MTG Sickly/ YouTube

Jordynne, a Magic: The Gathering beginner from Canada, has created a 10-minute documentary about what Commander (and MTG in general) means to her. Using footage filmed at Raiders Esports Bar and A&C Games in Toronto. 

Apparently, she travels far just to play EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander) with her friends in Toronto because she feels at home with them. "It's so much more than a simple game of cards," Jordynne says.

On why she loves playing multiplayer EDH: "It's the casualness with the ability to really show off your skills...There's something so honest and pure that comes from the game. Competitive EDH isn't as rampant as Standard or Modern or anything like that. It fluxes together people that are here to play together with friends, not necessarily here to compete in GP's or here to play medals or playmats." She believes EDH is such a special format because of its social and political aspects that you won't find in other formats like Standard and Modern. 

Watch the video below: 

This is a heartfelt video that many MTG players could relate to, and I'm glad that Jordynne is part of a fun and positive community. I'll definitely look forward to watching MTGSickly's videos. 

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