CinemaSins Points Out Everything Wrong With Spider-Man: Homecoming

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - December 06, 2017

Many fans consider Spider-Man: Homecoming to be the best Spidey film ever made. Tom Holland is great as Peter Parker, and Michael Keaton is fantastic as The Vulture. As much as we enjoyed seeing Spider-Man join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his first solo film still had flaws we can't get over with, and there's a new video that does a excellent job pointing them out. 

CinemaSins has released a new video called Everything Wrong With Spider-Man: Homecoming in 11 Minutes or Less, in which they point out 89 sins for the film. You can watch the video below: 

One of the biggest issues they point out is how Spidey's costume is so full of tech like Iron Man's, which makes him more like another version of Iron Man instead of seeing him with the traditional Spidey costume that fans love. 

They also point out how Happy never answers Peter's calls, and how Tony's obsession with Aunt May quickly went from funny to weird to just creepy. The video also mentions the MCU's confusing timeline. The video also points out the scene when the coach shows a video of Captain America, and makes a funny comment about it: "pretty sure this guy's a war criminal now, but whatever".

You can read our full review of Spider-Man: Homecoming here. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming is now available on digital, Blu-Ray and DVD. 

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