Black Panther Makeup Artist Explains How Killmonger's Look Was Created

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - May 14, 2018

Screenshot: Insider/YouTube

The makeup and FX team behind Black Panther worked hard to get Michael B. Jordan's scarred look just right for his role as Killmonger. Unfortunately, the makeup kept coming off while shooting the epic waterfall battle scene due to water and extensive body contact in that scene, so that means they had to keep getting it off just right. 

In this video by Insider, makeup artist Joel Harlow explains how they created Killmonger's hashmarks for the film. He also talks about the inspirations behind some of the blockbuster's most interesting looks.

Apparently, the hashmarks came from molds and each dot was made from glue-like material. Harlow and his team also worked on the makeup for other characters like Shuri and W'Kabi. The creativity and hard work they put into creating this looks of these characters are incredible.


Watch the video below; 


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