A Woman Sees The Digital Ghosts Of Her Past in This Swedish Sci-Fi Short In The Gap

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - December 28, 2017

Still: Albin Glasell via Vimeo

In the Gap is a Swedish sci-fi short film written and directed by Albin Glasell, and stars actress Lo Kauppi as a woman who's trapped inside a server room by a digital program, and there's a countdown clock looming overhead. She's forced to endure the manifestations of her past mistakes, seemingly involving her daughter. The smiley-faced computer insists that she'll feel better once she "uploads" herself to the server core. It's intriguing that she created the protocol herself. The ending looks ambiguous. Did she escape her ghosts or did she end up uploading herself? It would probably confuse a lot of viewers but that's what makes a lot of sci-fi films more intriguing. It looks like an episode of Black Mirror mixed with Doctor Who's Emoji robots. 

Watch the video below: 


IN THE GAP (Swedish Sci-Fi Short 2017) from Stellarvoid on Vimeo.

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