A Lonely Woman Enters An Alternate Reality Where She Falls in Love in This Bittersweet Sci-Fi Short

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - January 09, 2018

The Sweetening is a sci-fi short film about a married mother of two who becomes a beta tester for a virtual reality program that facilitates romantic interactions. Soon, her flirty, happy alternate life with an idealized partner becomes the only one she wants to have, and the consequences are hard for her to deal with. This is the kind of story you'd see in a Black Mirror episode. Actually, it reminds me of that Hang the DJ episode from the recently released Season 4 of Black Mirror

Watch the sci-fi short below: 

According to the actor, director, and writer Grace Rowe, she is currently developing a TV series that builds on the ideas she explores in The Sweetening

For more information about the film, and to check out Grace Rowe's other works, check out her website http://www.gracerowe.com

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