$27,000 Black Lotus Found During Magic: The Gathering Live Video

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - February 12, 2018

Photo: Openboosters/YouTube

The Black Lotus, the holy grail of Magic: The Gathering cards, could cost more than $20,000, and a YouTuber found one during a live opening of an Alpha Starter Pack. He was able to auction it off for $27,000 so he was definitely lucky with that product. You can skip to 8:15 in the video if you want to get to the Black Lotus part:

"That's an Alpha freaking Lotus," he says, his hands shaking. 

For those who don't know about Magic's history, the Black Lotus came from the Alpha and Beta sets of the game. The Alpha version is more expensive of the two because of its limited printing of around 1,100 copies, compared to the latter set's 3,300 or so. The Black Lotus is one of the Power Nine cards that were printed for a few months between 1993 and 1994, and the Black Lotus is considered to be the most powerful Power 9 card because of the major edge it provides if a player activates its ability. 

Ever since the video was uploaded in 2014, the video has drawn over 5 million views, and that's probably because the chance of seeing an extremely rare card during a live opening is astronomical. 

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