Honest Trailer for 'The Princess Bride" Shows Why It's Like 'Shrek'

Author Thumbnail BY Caitlin Donovan - January 10, 2017

Screen Junkies held a contest where fans got to vote on what the next Honest Trailer should be. The fourth-place winner was The Princess Bride and now that trailer has gone up. As usual, it's funny and pretty accurate. Watch it below:

There's a lot of clear affection in the way this Honest Trailer talks about the beloved film. even as it makes fun. It describes the film as a "satire of all those sappy, swashbuckling midevil love stories that happens to be the best sappy swashbuckling midevil love story ever made". The obvious stunt doubles and cheap set design are pointed out, but then the narrator has to admit it's a "great movie" anyway.

The Princess Bride is a classic for many people and the trailer points out that while not as many saw it in theatres, plenty of people have watched it over and over again on DVD. It's described as the "action-comedy-drama-romance-kid's-movie-for adults." The trailer does perhaps tread on sacred territory by comparing the movie to Shrek at the end.

I always enjoyed The Prncess Bride and this trailer offers a pretty good tongue-in-cheek look at it. Have you watched The Princess Bride? What do you think of the trailer?

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