Game Of Thrones: Iwan Rheon Talks About Getting Eaten By Dogs In The Show

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - August 03, 2017

Ramsay Bolton is no doubt one despicable villain, and that’s exactly what made him such a memorable part of Game of Thrones. Iwan Rheon had already said goodbye to the show last year, but he reveals some details about his character’s exit from the main story—specifically the part where he was eaten by dogs.

As it turns out, there were no actual dogs in the scene at all, and everything was done via CGI. Of course nobody was expecting some actual dogs to eat the actor, but you would at least think that there was one dog in the scene. It’s also funny how Rheon was actually planning to pet some of the dogs before he was stopped and told these pups were bred for security purposes.

Game of Thrones has introduced us to some memorable villains including Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton. It seems like with every exit of a villain, we find the entry of another one who will take their place in being the most despicable character in the show. A lot have already agreed that Ramsay’s exit gave us room for the entry of mad pirate Euron Greyjoy. Let’s just see what kind of evil he has rolled up his sleeves.

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