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Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - June 15, 2017

Will Smith might be considered one of the most powerful and charismatic actors in Hollywood, but that doesn’t really how weirded out most netizens are by Jaden Smith’s public persona. Not only does the American actor and rapper tweet out the oddest things, he also makes the strangest decisions.

One of the most recent examples of these is a Batman music video of himself rapping about Batman while starring as Batman in a white Batsuit. While most understand that Jaden’s trying to play on the traditional presentation of the Dark Knight  which is a rich Caucasian male going around at night wearing a dark suit beating up criminals – the plot of Jaden’s music video is just terribly funny.

Check it out down here:

The thought of a African American Batman in a white suit isn’t bad – what’s bad is the video itself. Here we have teen age Bruce Wayne waking up in the middle of a field, talking to Alfred (who sounds like Jaden trying to do an old man voice) on the phone, jumping around in the mountainside and rapping, starting a fight with Batman and Superman street performers in the city and doing other crazy un-Bruce Wayne-like shenanigans. Count on Jaden for another weird parody.  Oh well. Hope our readers had some good laughs.

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