Check Out This Life-Size K-2SO Puppet!

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - April 18, 2017

One of the cool things about cosplay is how people try to bring to life characters and creatures from movies — despite them being computer-generated. Darren Moser, a member of the Replica Prop Forum (TheRPF) is putting together this life-size puppet of K-2SO, and Tested has come to see just how intricate the puppet is going to be.

Moser looks to aim above and beyond with this puppet, as he’s even designed it to have movable hands and LEDs in the head. There’s even a camera mounted in K-2’s head so Moser can see what’s in front of him when he wears the puppet. Though we don’t get to see the puppet completed, it’s cool just how much work has already gone into it.

Originally, K-2SO was a fully CGI-rendered character on Rogue One, so Moser has quite the hurdle to jump when making him a practical costume. Hopefully fans will appreciate what he’s trying to pull off.

It’s phenomenal how cosplayers are able to bring CGI characters to life. I have a friend in my Star Wars cosplay group who was even able to put together a General Grievous costume. I hope Tested gives us an update on Moser’s K-2SO when it’s all done.

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