Watch This Guy Stream Halo 5 From His Xbox One to His HoloLens

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By Benjamin Hill | More Articles
December 02, 2015  02:39 AM

The future of virtual reality and augmented reality is almost here, and it's looking good. Varun Mani is a project manager on Microsoft’s augmented reality glasses, called the HoloLens. He just posted a very cool video, which shows him playing Halo 5 on a normal TV. Things get interesting when he pauses the game, turns around, and starts streaming the game to a blank wall behind him. Mani also demonstrates how he's able to move the virtual screen around wherever he wants.

This demonstration may seem like a small feature of the HoloLens on the surface, but think of the implications and possibilities! You could blast enemies in Halo while sitting on the toilet (though please mute your gaming headset if you do this). Or you could have friends over and relive the glory days of split-screen by projecting your virtual TVs on the same wall. Or if your TV is being hogged by your family members, you can simply stream your gameplay to the HoloLens glasses, which will make everyone happy. I see a lot of potential with Microsoft’s HoloLens, and especially look forward to seeing how it can make sci-fi games like Halo 5 and Star Wars Battlefront more immersive. 


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