Watch a Breakdown of New Scenes from the Novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story

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September 05, 2018  02:41 PM


The novelization for Solo: A Star Wars Story was just released, and it revealed some additional story that didn’t make it to the movie. Star Wars Explained is always thorough when it comes to canon updates, and he gives us a good breakdown of the new scenes that were added in the book.

For one, the deleted scenes from the film make it to the book, including an extended foot-chase in Corellia as well as a look at Han’s days in the Empire. Tag and Bink are also named in the book, and it looks like they have a slight friendship with Han. There are even hints of their adventures from canon with Han thinking that the two would get themselves in trouble one day.

As for additional insight, we get more backstory on Qi’Ra and her relationship with Dryden Vos. We also know that it would be her second meeting with Maul in the film, but after he ignites his lightsaber, she just learns that he’s also Force sensitive.

There are also some other jokes like Chewbacca using all of Lando’s hair product when he took a bath in the Falcon—much to Lando’s dismay.

But probably my favorite scene would be when Enfys Nest runs into a young Jyn Erso during her meeting with Saw Gerrera. Enfys was already a young girl herself, and it’s kind of cool that someone like her would be inspiration for a character like Jyn.

The novelization for Solo: A Star Wars Story is available now, and you can catch the home release on Sept. 14.

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