Watch These VFX Artists React to Good and Bad CGI from the Star Wars Prequels

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June 16, 2019  05:17 PM


The guys at Corridor Crew have found this new hit series where they take three CGI artists and they have an in-depth look at good and bad VFX from movies. Just in, they released a new video going in-depth on the good and bad CGI of the Star Wars prequels.

Check them out:

Though the prequels get a lot of bashing for “not aging well”, each movie was actually pushing the limits of CGI at its time. A lot of people commend Gollum for being one of the first motion capture creatures in cinema, but that honor actually belonged to one Gungan by the name of Jar Jar Binks.

When it comes down to it though, the prequels don’t have perfect CGI. The clip where Padme eats a pear out of the air still looks pretty bad, and you can clearly see some parts where characters are just standing around a green screen.

Then again, some of the CGI from the prequels still hold up. The podracing scene still looks good to this day, and you have to love how the clones looked when they were going up against the droids on Geonosis.

We don’t know how many more of these videos the Corridor Crew can pump out before audiences get sick of it, but I love the interaction and learning new things about films. Hopefully they do some kind of retro CGI reviews in the future.

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