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March 18, 2020  05:17 PM


The home release for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker actually comes with a full-length documentary called The Skywalker Legacy, and as a treat, Disney has released the first 10 minutes to watch online for free.

Check it out:

What’s fun is that they intercut the intro with scenes from the making of the Original Trilogy. In the beginning, we have those fans who went all the way to Mexico from San Diego to check out the shooting for Return of the Jedi, and what’s interesting is that they say that they’re excited for when ‘all nine films are done.’ We know George Lucas had always planned nine films, but we didn’t expect people to know about it way back in the 80s.

What’s more, there are also some fun bloopers with Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Alec Guinness rehearsing on the Falcon. It’s funny because they were working on earlier versions of the dialogue, and you can see how needlessly wordy it was. You’ll also notice that while Hamill was having a laugh working, Guinness was nothing but serious.

Besides that, we have some shots of the Sequel Trilogy cast lamenting their entry into the franchise, and how they’re all feeling now that the trilogy has come to an end. It’s some pretty great insight, and I was kind of bummed it didn’t last any longer.

The good news is, you can watch The Skywalker Legacy when you purchase Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on digital today.

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