Watch Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures Recap the Entire Story of Empire Strikes Back

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June 18, 2020  01:01 PM


Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures is a little webseries that recaps specific moments in the Star Wars saga with gorgeous animation. With Empire Strikes Back celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, the show has released an entire compilation of all their material relating to ESB.

Check it out:



Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original Star Wars sequel film, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, with an all-new, extended animated take on the adventure.

If you’ve been following the show since the beginning, you’ll know that one of the earlier sequences that were animated was the duel in Bespin between Vader and Luke. While there’s a lot of great animation here, the original video actually had a lot more of the action sequence. Kind of a shame they didn’t add it for this compilation.

While Star Wars Celebration may be cancelled this year, that hasn’t stopped Lucasfilm from trying to celebrate Empire Strikes Back online. They’re even planning a 4K re-release once theaters open once more. Hopefully that’s sooner rather than later, but by the looks of it, we’re all going to have to live under quarantine way into August.

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures is a series of animated shorts celebrating the characters and stories of a galaxy far, far away, featuring a bright and colorful art style, exciting action, and insight into the saga's greatest themes!

Catch episodes of Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures on Star Wars Kids Youtube.

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