Watch Stan Lee's Cameo in the Teen Titans GO Movie

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October 11, 2018  01:11 PM

While there are a lot of things to love about the Teen Titans GO movie, one of the most standout moments was the fact that the film actually got MCU mascot Stan Lee to make one of his signature cameos. With the movie hitting Blu-Ray this month, they’ve released Lee’s cameo in the film online.

Check it out:

That isn’t even his only appearance either. Lee also comes back to chase the Titans down during the climax of the film. SPOILER WARNING:

Though the fans may be intense when it comes to their rivalry over DC and Marvel, Lee is one of the examples that proves that there really is no need for any of that bickering. At the age of 95, he still has a winning sense of humor, and everyone is dreading the day that we get to see Lee make a cameo in a film for one last time.

A lot of DC fanboys admittedly hate the very existence of Teen Titans GO, but the fact that the series actually got a movie means that it’s definitely serving one fanbase right—the kids. Besides, the after-credits of the movie left something for everyone to be excited about:

We don’t really know when we’re going to have a return of the classic Titans on TV, but for now, you can watch the grittier, live-action version of Titans in DC’s streaming service.

Teen Titans GO to the Movies hits Blu-Ray Oct. 30.

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