Watch Stan Lee School Rob Liefeld and Todd MacFarlane About Character Design

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November 14, 2018  11:35 AM

We lost an industry giant in the form of Stan Lee last Monday, and the tributes to him have been pouring out online all week. Just recently, a video of Lee has resurfaced as he schools comic gurus Rob Liefeld and Todd MacFarlane about character design.

Check out the three of them:

Granted MacFarlane and Liefeld have established themselves on their own, they still don’t hold a candle to the popularity of Stan Lee. Then again, Lee is more traditional when it comes to the way that he writes characters. I think Liefeld and MacFarlane have found their own audience when it comes to their work—and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Like I said, the tributes for Lee have been coming out online like wildfire, and everyone who’s anyone has been sharing their sentiments on the loss of Marvel’s co-founder. Seeing how big the superhero phenomena has become, a lot of people are crediting Lee to be one of the heralds of modern American mythology—which I think not just everyone can put on their resume.

A lot of people have been saying that the industry will never find someone like Lee again, and they may be right. With Lee’s upbeat attitude and fascinating imagination, he was able to bring a whole world filled with characters that have managed to touch millions of fans. No doubt people will be talking about him a hundred years from now.

Lee is set to make another cameo in Avengers 4 next year May 3, 2019.

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