Watch: Robin Williams’ Hilarious Outtakes from the Original ‘Aladdin’

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June 05, 2019  12:31 PM


The live-action Aladdin starring Will Smith is currently blowing up in theaters, but it’s also sparked a renewed interest in Robin Williams’ performance in the animated version. Williams did a lot of improv work for the original cartoon, and here’s a small compilation of some of his jokes that didn’t make the cut.

It’s great that Williams does a lot of impressions, and we see a lot of different ones from Mr. Rogers to Richard Nixon. I particularly love the lines that are just kind of adult jokes like the one where Genie saves Aladdin and says, “So tell me, when your life passed in front of your eyes, did you go, ‘I’m not that interesting.’?” or the line “I would have done mouth to mouth, but I don’t find you that attractive.”

Though Will Smith’s Genie is still likable, it definitely doesn’t hold a candle to Williams. After all, the whole point of the original movie was basically making a cartoon stand-up comedian with the Genie. You’d think they would hire another comic for the live-action remake, but admittedly none have the same energy that Williams ever brought to stage in his prime.

Maybe Jim Carrey could have been better?

For now, Aladdin 2019 is another hit for Disney, though it falls short when it comes to the critics. Either way, we’ll always have the animation, and Williams’ Genie will always go down as the more iconic portrayal.

Catch Aladdin in theaters now.

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