Watch: Rey and Kylo Duel Live in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

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December 05, 2019  03:49 PM


Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opened at Disneyland this year, and even until now the park is coming up with new kinds of attractions to get fans to come over and visit. We know that characters like Kylo Ren and Rey are walking around, but it looks like there’s this new show that has them both dueling each other in front of the visitors.

Check out this video from ThrillGeek:

I don’t know how long this show has been in the park, but it’s a lot of fun. Besides the music playing to get everything pumped, the entire stage is rigged with special effects, from the blasters actually spewing fireworks to the sparks that come out when lightsabers hit something.

They even tried this thing where Rey ‘deactivates’ her lightsaber, but I guess it doesn’t turn off because there’s a blue light on the floor where Rey was crouched over for a while. This is also just my personal gripe, but you’d think they could come up with a better head for the Chewbacca costume. You don’t think Lucasfilm had any spare Wookiee masks lying around in an archive somewhere?

This is a pretty fun show, and I personally love these performances as compared to rides. Hopefully, the park could have a change in era sometime. I think a lot of fans would love it if they put Batuu in the Clone Wars era, complete with clone troopers and Jedi Knights. How awesome would that live lightsaber battle be?

You can visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Walt Disney World.

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