Watch: Jay and Silent Bob but They've Been Deepfaked Into Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.

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March 13, 2019  06:02 PM


Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. are no doubt the two biggest faces of the MCU, and they’re both bowing out of the franchise come the release of Avengers: Endgame. With Kevin Smith currently working on a reboot for Jay and Silent Bob, some fan online has come up with this fun video using Deepfake tech to replace Jay and Silent Bob with Evans and Downey and it’s hilarious.

This was just a short clip of the duo from the movie Clerks 2, and it’s a crossover I never thought I wanted to see. Hopefully the video gets enough attention that we get some kind of shoutout from Evans or Downey, but I highly doubt it.

It’s just some good fun.

What’s interesting is, Smith had recently come out that watching Captain Marvel had made him emotional because the film had established that he existed in the MCU. During Stan Lee’s cameo, he’s seen reading the script for Smith’s movie Mallrats. Smith didn’t appear in the film himself, but at least we know in the MCU in 1995, Stan Lee was set to work on Smith’s movie.

Going back to Evans and Downey though, we have no idea how the MCU will handle their exit in the franchise. A lot of people are expecting some big sacrifice/death, but I’m kind of hoping that the two end up happy by the end of it all. While I’m expecting Tony Stark to live, I kind of hope that Steve Rogers is transported back to the 40s so he could live his life with Peggy Carter.

It’s just a fanboy pipe dream, but you can’t blame me for wanting something unpredictable.

Catch Avengers: Endgame in theaters April 26.

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