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July 08, 2019  05:33 PM


Spider-Man: Far From Home is now out in theaters, and HISHE on Youtube has decided to release their video for How Venom Should Have Ended.

When discussing where Venom fits in our HISHE universe it became clear that he clashes with many of our typical "cafe ending" scenarios because of his anti-hero status. Who should have actually stepped up and saved the day, who would actually not have survived, and who could have wrecked the whole story if they just didn't sit still for 6 months? These are those moments.

I’ve said this when the film came out, and I’ll say it again— Venom was a big step back when it came to superhero movies, and it’s kind of in an awkward position when you put it next to the movies coming out from Marvel and DC. The story is just so overly dumb, and though I love the chemistry between Brock and the Symbiote, Venom is just something you can’t take seriously compared to movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming or Avengers: Endgame.

For now, Sony is planning a Venom sequel, and I don’t really blame them, because the film made a lot of bank in the box office. We don’t really know how this sequel will be treated, but I’m just hoping they find a way to tie this universe in with Peter Parker, because I think the more they deviate from the MCU, the closer we are to the MCU just up and revamping the character with a whole new actor playing Eddie Brock.

Then again, there’s always the multi-verse option.

For now, catch Spider-Man: Far From Home currently in theaters.

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