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November 07, 2018  03:59 PM

Screen Junkies had just recently released their Honest Trailer take for The Incredibles II, and it’s only timing that HISHE on Youtube should also release their video for How The Incredibles II Should Have Ended.

Check it out:

Granted that the finale of the movie was fantastic, a huge chunk of the plot could have been solved if Violet and Dash just used their powers to their fullest and just snuck around the ship removing goggles from heroes one by one. It would also have been a better idea if they just dropped off Jack-Jack with Edna while they went off on the boat.

Quite honestly, it was their attempts to contain Jack-Jack that got them caught in the first place.

Either way, arguing about what makes better sense in the plot is futile because if it weren’t for those decisions, cool stuff wouldn’t be happening onscreen. It’s like the Eagle argument with Lord of the Rings; if they did ride the Eagles to Mordor instead, then we wouldn’t have had the epic adventure that was three amazing movies. The same applies to every other ‘plothole’ you can find.

For now, The Incredibles II is sitting as the highest grossing animated movie of the year. We’ll just have to wait and see if Wreck-It Ralph 2 can break the mold when it comes out later this month. Of course, there’s also The Grinch from lllumination, but the numbers are not looking good.

The Incredibles II is now available on digital and Blu-Ray.

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