Watch: How Patty Jenkins Uses Color To Tell Wonder Woman's Story

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - December 04, 2017

Sure the DCEU made another misstep with Justice League, but everyone was really happy with Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman back in June. Patrick Willems in Youtube has come up with this video essay on how cleverly the movie uses color to tell its story.

Check it out:

With the DCEU constantly criticized for being drab and gray, Wonder Woman actually uses color to surprising effect. When we’re introduced to Themyscira, the world is rich and vibrant, and when Diana moves to London, she’s greeted with nothing but gray. During the No Man’s Land scene, Diana is the only character colored among the gray battlefield, and when she saves the town, the scene gets warm colors, reintroducing life.

Though I think that the colors were still striking for Batman v Superman, I have to admit that some of the costumes can look a bit dull. Wonder Woman’s red was more of dark brown when you looked at that movie. Superman’s suit was a lot brighter compared to Man of Steel though.

With Justice League yet another slip-up by Warner Bros, a lot of fans are hoping that Snyder gets to release the original cut of his movie complete with music from Junkie XL. No offense to Joss Whedon and Danny Elfman, but a lot of fans agree that Snyder deserves to finish the trilogy he started.


Justice League is almost at the end of its theatrical run.

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