Watch: How Justice League Should Have Ended

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - April 10, 2018

Justice League has been out on home video for a while, but only now are we getting How it Should Have Ended’s hilarious take on the problems with the film, and what could have made more sense in the story.

Of course, the video pokes fun at everything ridiculous about the film, from Superman’s CGI upper lip to the multiple times that Steppenwolf could have been taken down. There’s even a fun bit where Cyborg is asked to join the team, but he’s already involved with the Teen Titans—cue an appearance from Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy.

Like plenty of fans, I was also disappointed with what we got in Justice League. After all the serious and complicated plotting of Batman v Superman, Justice League just ended up being too “Whedon-y”—in a sense that the story was too straightforward, and the characters were just too quip-ey with each other.

Justice League ended up a commercial disappointment for Warner Bros, and the studio had to take a step back with all their projects to make sure that the DCEU is properly running its course. For now, the only DCEU film to come out will be Aquaman in December, but we are promised to have a ton of DC movies by the time 2019 rolls in.

Aquaman is set for a release on Dec. 21.

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