Watch: How Godzilla King of Monsters Should Have Ended

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September 19, 2019  12:27 PM

After the success of Kong: Skull Island, Legendary was hoping to make bank with the follow-up Godzilla: King of Monsters. The movie ended up doing a decent job in the box office, and how HISHE on Youtube has released their take on How Godzilla King of Monsters Should Have Ended.

I have to admit, the movie had done pretty well by giving us more monsters, but the problem still remains with the human characters ending up kind of bland. I thought it was actually pretty funny that the video should poke fun at Ken Watanabe’s character wanting to die, seeing as he’s the only one from the 2014 movie that managed to make a return for this film.

Of course, this movie is also setting up for the clash between Godzilla and King Kong, but with Godzilla getting his “burning” powers, it’s curious how Kong will be able to match against that. If anything, the people behind the films have always talked about how Kong is smarter and more agile; plus he has the ingenuity to use tools to his advantage.

Then again, Kong doesn’t have an atomic breath.

Even if the KOM, didn’t do that great, there’s no stopping Godzilla vs. Kong now. Personally, I thought the movie was exactly what I expected it to be, and I don’t really need any more from it. I guess it would just help if they lessened the focus on human characters because they’ve been uninteresting in two out of three movies.

Catch Godzilla vs. Kong when it hits theaters March 13, 2020.

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