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March 17, 2020  01:52 PM


Disney may have delayed the release of their live-action Mulan, but Screen Junkies is pushing forward with their Honest Trailer for the original animated film that came out in 1998.



From the studio that brought you the We Are Siamese song, Donald Duck’s unfortunate World War II adventures, and an Asian cat playing piano with chopsticks, comes their stab at a Chinese folk tale about gender roles.

Though I personally love this film, the Honest Trailer kind of has a point when they say that Mulan wasn’t the most sensitive film when it came to Asian culture. But even if there were still some white actors in the cast, I thought it was fine as long as the main characters were voiced by Asians. I mean, I thought the point of voice acting was so that anyone could take on any role, regardless of race, age, or gender.

Despite all the problems that the Trailer points out, I think that Mulan still has a very relevant message about gender that permeates through any culture. I thought that the film having Mulan focus on her strengths to get ahead was great; unlike what the new movie looks to be doing by supposedly giving Mulan powers. I mean, why is the villain a woman as well? I thought the battle of the sexes was the root message of the original film.

Then again, that’s just my opinion. Hopefully this remake will be the ‘justified’ take on Mulan.

No new release date has been announced for the Mulan remake, but hopefully it comes out sometime later this year.

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