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November 18, 2018  12:08 PM



Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald just came out this weekend, and everyone was excited to return to the Wizarding World of J.K. Rowling. With such rich lore behind the world, Mr. Sunday Movies has come up with this video compiling all the references from the previous movies—plus some speculation on the true identity of Credence.

For one, the movie has a lot of callbacks to the original Potter films. We have someone being bound to an unbreakable vow as well as Newt making the use of a portkey. We also see a return to Hogwarts where we revisit rooms like the Great Hall and the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.

We also have a look at young McGonagall, but seeing that Minerva McGonagall in canon was actually born on a later date, some guess that this McGonagall is actually Minerva’s mother. Besides, Dumbledore here teaches DADA while in Chamber of Secrets it was said that he was the Transfiguration professor.

There’s also a lot of speculation on who Credence’s true identity is. If you read the books, we would have gotten some kind of mention of a third Dumbledore brother, but now this is the first we’re hearing of an Aurelius Dumbledore. My guess is that either Grindelwald is lying or that he’s actually just a Dumbledore cousin.

My best bet is still that Credence is actually a mind-wiped Tom Riddle. It would explain his affinity with Nagini. Plus since Voldemort’s name is French, it would explain his time in Paris.

Again, it’s just my speculation.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is now in theaters.

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