Watch: An In-Depth Look at the Prosthetics Work for Game of Thrones

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March 11, 2019  12:07 PM


Game of Thrones 8 is set to come out in April and HBO is gearing up for the end of what has grown to be one of their flagship shows. The teases and reveals have been coming out slowly, and we have a new video showcasing the prosthetic work behind the film.

Though a bulk of the prosthetic work is done on the White Walkers, you can also see there is some great work done with the giants as well as the people inflicted with Greyscale. Let’s also not forget how real (and gross) it looked when Sam treated Ser Jorah’s greyscale:

With the final season, we should expect a lot more of this prosthetic work to come to the screen. Sure there are going to be more White Walkers, but I’m admittedly more excited to see what else the team would have in store. What kind of special infantry does the Golden Company have? Will we ever get to meet more people with greyscale? What if the show decided to go all out and actually remove Tyrion’s nose like in the books?

We should expect more of these videos to come out as the month trudges along. After almost a decade, I’m sure HBO wants to make sure that they’re sending off one of their biggest shows with a bang. I mean, there is the planned spinoff prequel, but we don’t know how well that would fare compared to the giant that has become Game of Thrones.

Catch the final season of Game of Thrones when it premieres April 14.

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