Watch: A Breakdown of Deleted Scenes from Avengers Infinity War

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - May 06, 2018

Like with every big budget film, some scenes don’t always make the final cut, and the same thing happened with Avengers: Infinity War. Mr. Sunday Movies on Youtube has come up with an in-depth breakdown of the deleted scenes, and analyses what could have been included in the film.

First off, he addresses the scenes that were altered in the trailers to avoid spoilers, including Thor having an eyepatch for some scenes as well as Spider-Man’s CGI mechanical arms being removed. The bit where the Hulkbuster stands was also different in the film, as it was supposed to be dirtier after Bruce Banner takes a tumble.

As for scenes in the trailer that weren’t in the movie at all, you have what looked to have been an exchange between Black Widow and Banner while he’s assembling the Hulkbuster suit, as well as Thor coming to form on Nidavellir.

There was also a scene in the trailers where we saw Hulk running alongside everyone, despite him only appearing in the beginning of the film to fight Thanos. There were even toys of him busting out of the Hulkbuster suit, but it ultimately came down to nothing. Perhaps he gets to make a comeback in Avengers 4?


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