Watch 3 Minutes of the Game of Thrones Cast Just Hinting at the Disappointment of Season 8

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May 12, 2019  04:50 PM


While Game of Thrones 8 started out pretty fine, everything started going downhill for the fanbase ever since the Battle of Winterfell. A lot of people could not stop showing their disappointment online, but the funny thing is, it seems that even the actors knew that it was going to be a trainwreck moving to the end.

I guess you can say that a lot of the actors were just playing some reactions off as jokes, but it’s really funny to watch Peter Dinklage sort of complain about Tyrion’s plan to keep everyone in the Stark crypt where the dead basically came back to life as everyone expected and started attacking the women and children.

Creator George R.R. Martin also had this bit talking about the show’s set-up and clues and the series somehow retconning everything because the fans had correctly guessed what was going to happen. This is probably in response to having Arya kill the Night King instead of Jon, which the show was clearly building up on. Basically the dead were just a subplot to diminish Daenerys’ army so Cersei and the pirate king have a fighting chance with their Golden Company.

If anything, it seems that the show has lessened the episodes in order to give us more spectacle—which isn’t what made Game of Thrones so popular in the first place. Personally, it feels like we don’t have enough time to explore characters anymore because the plot has to move forward.

I don’t know if the last two episodes can somehow redeem the previous two, but hopefully things will go down better than expected.

Catch the next episode of Game of Thrones this Sunday night on HBO.

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