Warner Bros Just Uploaded the First 10 Minutes of Batman v Superman

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March 26, 2020  01:58 PM


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had just celebrated its fourth anniversary yesterday, and with fans celebrating it online, WB has decided to join in.

As it turns out, you can watch the first 10 minutes of Batman v Superman for free on Youtube. Check it out:



Basically the scene gives us Bruce Wayne’s origin, and arguably the best scene in the film, Bruce Wayne’s point of view during the fight in Man of Steel. With MoS being criticized for not addressing the collateral after the Zod and Superman fight, BvS had chosen to address it at the very beginning. What’s more, it explains Bruce Wayne’s motivations on why he doesn’t trust Superman for the whole film.

While the movie isn’t perfect, you have to admire the ambition behind Zack Snyder’s intentions. While Marvel films have become cookie-cutter when it comes to their formula, Snyder was looking to elevate the genre into something more meaningful and mature—he just didn’t stick the landing that well.

Personally, I enjoyed the film, and it has a lot of great moments that can rival that of the MCU. Not to mention, it’s all very visually striking; the scene where Superman slowly walks to the Batmobile still looks more fantastic than the MCU heroes running toward each other in Captain America: Civil War.

For now, the next DCEU film set for a release is Wonder Woman 1984, and it’s now slated to hit theaters Aug. 14. If everything comes back to normal by June, maybe it could release earlier.

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