Video Breaks Down Deleted Scenes and Concepts for Deadpool 2

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - May 24, 2018

Deadpool 2 is another hit for Marvel Fox, and a lot of buzz is going around for the film. Mr. Sunday Movies, as always, has come up with a video breakdown of all the deleted concepts in the movie, and walks us through what Deadpool 2 could have been.

A lot of people know that Brad Pitt appears in the film in the form of a cameo, but I totally forgot that he was almost Cable for the film. We also get some other actors who were considered for the part like Mel Gibson, Kyle Chandler, and even Michael Shannon.

We also get more details on that deleted Baby Hitler scene. We know that it will have Deadpool apparently strangling a baby to death, but what we didn’t know was that Wade draws on a Hitler moustache on the baby to make his decision “easier”.

With the movie being well received, director David Leitch has also confirmed that Deadpool 2 is getting an extended edition that is said to add more violence and humor. Knowing how an extended edition greatly improved Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I wonder how it can change a movie that is already being so well received by the audience.


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