Tomb Raider and Pacific Rim Uprising Get a Combined Honest Trailer

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - June 26, 2018

Tomb Raider and Pacific Rim Uprising were two popcorn movies that came out earlier this year, and they were both met with so-so reviews. Now Screen Junkies has come up with a combined Honest Trailer for both movies, since it was hard for them to say too many things about both films.

You enjoyed a few parts of one, and some parts of the other, but when two popcorn movies are so aggressively “okay”, there’s only enough to say about them to make one Honest Trailer.

While Pacific Rim Uprising came out okay, I could say that it was a huge improvement on the first movie. Whereas the first one just built up an interesting world, the sequel actually gave us more Jaeger to Kaiju action, and actually gave each mech a time to shine.

As for Tomb Raider, the movie did look like a faithful adaptation of the video game, but the concept just seemed to overplayed to draw in more people to check the movie out. I’ve played the games and am a fan of Alicia Vikander, but after Assassin’s Creed, I honestly couldn’t muster up enough enthusiasm to be hyped for the Tomb Raider reboot.

Like the trailer suggests, both films are actually okay, but they are far from memorable compared to the other blockbusters that have come out this year like Avengers: Infinity War or Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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