The Late Show Pokes Fun at Whiny Star Wars Fanboys with Mock Episode IX Trailer

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - June 11, 2018

Kelly Marie Tran’s sudden departure from Instagram has caused the Star Wars fanbase to give itself a long hard look and finally call out all the hateful fanboys who have made the community toxic. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has decided to join in on the movement, and has prepared this mock trailer for Episode IX that will surely piss off the whiners.

The clip starts 2:26:

Just recently, the fanbase has been trying to point out just exactly what these whiners have been clamoring for, and it has boiled down to a “white, straight male protagonist.” Fans can complain about SJW in Star Wars all they want, but Han Solo was a white straight male protagonist, and his film ended up being the least successful movie for Lucasfilms.

As the saying goes, “Nobody hates Star Wars like Star Wars fans.”

Despite all the hate that Rose’s character has been receiving, a lot of fans agree that it was no excuse to bully Tran out of Instagram. After all, she was just doing what director Rian Johnson was telling her to do. In fact, I think most of this hate is just coming from the fact that hating Rose has become a meme, and not because her character was actually that terrible.

I actually like Rose, and I want to see more of her in Episode IX.

Star Wars Episode IX comes out Dec. 20, 2019.

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