Stranger Things: Watch Dacre Montgomery's Crazy Audition Tape for Billy

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July 10, 2019  12:25 PM



There is always a standout star in every season of Stranger Things, and the third season gave us a fantastic performance from Dacre Montgomery as Billy Hargrove. With the new spotlight on Billy, I thought it would be pretty neat to revisit this audition tape of Dacre Montgomery trying out for the role.

Check it out:

It looks like Montgomery’s performances were based on two scenes—Billy’s introduction, as well as that scene where he scares Max by almost running over her friends. I have to say, Montgomery plays the role very well. Though the character is kind of a jerk, Montgomery plays it with fantastic charisma, that you end up sucked into whatever scene he’s in.

Just like what happened with Steve in Stranger Things Season 2, the showrunners managed to make Billy a more likable character in the third season. They didn’t really turn him into a good guy, but we actually get to delve more into the reasons why he’s the way he is; I just kind of wish there were more scenes between him and Max, but they couldn’t really do that because the “real” Billy only ever comes back near the end. Most of the time, he’s being controlled by the Mind Flayer.

That scene in the sauna though. Gold.

For now, you can catch Dacre Montgomery’s fantastic performance as Billy in Stranger Things Season 3, now on Netflix.

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